Wednesday, January 18, 2023

A Straight Shooter...

... of sorts. Vladimir Putin visiting legendary Obukhov Plant laid it out in the simplest numerical terms today:

Translation: As the head of state noted, Russia produces three times more air defense missiles per year than the United States, and in general, the country's defense industry creates about the same number of missiles for various purposes as all other states in the world. "Our production is comparable to world production (combined, my clarification)," he stressed. 

That was his comment in support of his other comment that Russia will never run out of missiles. While Lavrov emphatically stated (in Russian) that "there could be no negotiations with Zelensky, including due to impossibility of negotiations through (Ukie) legislation."  Pretty ominous for 404, isn't it. Also, ominous for the combined West which increasingly drowns in a copious amount of BS. John Kerry and clown show in Davos now are:

US climate envoy John Kerry has drawn widespread mockery for his speech to the World Economic Forum, in which he sought to portray the people gathered there as wise saviors of the world. “When you start to think about it, it’s pretty extraordinary that we – a select group of human beings, because of whatever touched us at some point in our lives – are able to sit in a room and come together and actually talk about saving the planet,” Kerry told a WEF panel on Tuesday. “I mean, it’s so almost extraterrestrial to think about ‘saving the planet.’ If you say that to most people, most people think you’re just a crazy, tree-hugging, lefty liberal, you know, do-gooder, or whatever, and there’s no relationship. But really, that’s where we are,” he added. Later in the speech, Kerry lamented that “allegedly wise adult human beings” ignored the science, mathematics and physics of climate change, and said he was certain the world will “get to a low-carbon, no-carbon economy” because “we have to.”

Oh, I agree. People like Kerry DID ignore mathematics and, in general, STEM studies, due to them being primarily lawyers (as Kerry) and political "scientists". In the end, the WEF's big honcho Klaus Schwab's Ph.D. thesis was about... financial loans for the mechanical engineering. I am contemplating writing the Ph.D thesis on the influence of flying RC planes and Lego playing on the non-surgical treatment of severe hemorrhoids in senior citizens. I am sure I can get both my Medical Doctor and Doctor of Engineering degrees through this. I will call the University of Washington tomorrow to inquire about requirements for such advanced programs. So, this is a primer for ya.

P.S. Russia stopped paying dues to European Economic Commission at UN. 

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