Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Aww, They Are So Sensitive.


Lithuanians should not enjoy Russian culture as long as a conflict is raging in Ukraine, its culture minister Simonas Kairys told national broadcaster LRT this week. The minister was echoing the ideas of his Ukrainian counterpart Aleksandr Tkachenko, who'd earlier called on the West to boycott Russian culture altogether. Kairys accused Moscow of using Russian culture as a “weapon” supposedly by sending Russian pop-culture artists to Lithuania on dates “important for the Lithuanian state.” While stopping short of supporting what he called an “authoritarian” administrative ban on Russian culture, the minister still said he favored a “mental quarantine” on it. Both individuals and institutions should demonstrate personal awareness, Kairys maintained, adding that “we must abandon works [of art] that seemed acceptable to us before.” He also praised those Lithuanian cultural figures, who “consciously responded” to his ministry’s recommendations.

"Mental Quarantine" is, certainly, something out of the Thought-crime realm, but you cannot explain them this, because they think they are... ahem... free and "democratic." Generally speaking, this unstoppable juggernaut of Russian art, ranging from ballet, symphony, literature to quirky pop, to Russian heavy metal can damage some people's mental state. The story with Polish "journalist", no, not our lovely and courageous Ania, who enjoys currently St.Petersburg, but some Polish righteous "reporter" Gomulka from ONET, who had her vacations in Egypt spoiled due to communication with Russian tourists, is making rounds in Russia. Here it is in Russian from KP, she left her "impressions" on Onet.pl in Polish. I guess she needs "mental quarantine" together with her Lithuanian colleagues-defenders of freedom and democracy.

Here is lovely Ania, though.

She describers Polish Army's training in one of the videos of Polish Defense Ministry. Generally, it is the list of the US-made weapons, some of them used. So, Poland prepares to... either fight Russian invasion of... Poland, or... well, what is the mood in Kremlin now? Will Kremlin now allow Poland just simply go and take Kresy? The Western Ukraine, you know. Something tells me that before Russia would look at it through fingers, all kinds of protestations for PR granted, of course, this time I can only assume that the mood in Kremlin changed. But I am on record--the worst enemy of Poland is... Poland, and nothing could be done about it.

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