Friday, January 20, 2023

Please, Get Them Back To The 6th Grade.

To repeat middle school course on basic math, fractions, percentages and shit like that. Come to think about it--basic calculations course from the first grade may be even a better proposition. 

A pop-corn time))  Of course, the "official" is anonymous--a feature, not a bug. It is fascinating, really, to see how long a brigade worth of Strykers and Bradleys will last during such an "offensive". Ahh, the zugzwang time--no matter what they do, it all ends up with embarrassment, a euphemism for clusterfuck. They cannot even lie convincingly anymore. Peskov nonchalantly stated yesterday:

And this was about tanks, mind you. The fate of the light armor, such as Bradleys, Strykers or what have you is unenviable on the modern battlefield. I stress it--BATTLEFIELD--like in the theater-wide clash of the regular standing armies, not calling CAS on the AK-47 and RPG armed goat-herders while on platoon-size patrols in the mountains. There is a difference, believe me. 

But this news is indicative, together with calls from the American side on Kiev regime to withdraw from Artemovsk, because "it impedes the preparation to Spring offensive" (in Russian). The Washington is delusional and desperate because everything they can do there is optics and nothing more. There are documented facts now of very young kids and old men being thrown by regime into the meat-grinder. Zelensky, who is controlled by sore losers from London, who wouldn't be able to field a full combat-ready brigade of anything and continue to wreck their aircraft carriers due to low level of general command and navigational competence, is a dead man walking, because he will be offed by either British or US side, because he knows too much. Both in terms of money laundering and sheer incompetence of NATO military "advisers".  My only question, of course, remains unanswered--where ARE the numbers for anything in the de facto corpses of both 404 and its main sugar daddy-- combined West? That is why they need to go back to school and learn basic calculations. 

In related news. California's attempts to reinvent Physics based on degrees in public relations, political science and Queer studies, and other pseudo academic and magical thinking "degrees", evidently failed. 

As California goes, so goes the nation, or so they say. If that rings true, the nation is set for a reversal of some of its strictest renewable energy plans, after the Huntington Beach City Council voted to dump its plan for 100% renewable energy. Huntington Beach, California, is changing the plan it had in place with the Orange County Power Authority (OCPA)—a nonprofit offering clean energy. But its recent history in a rather unfavorable media limelight has given the city council pause.And Huntington Beach wasn’t the first municipality to pull out—Orange County bailed on the green power authority, citing transparency concerns and a series of ugly audits, and allegations that the authority failed to inform the public that their electricity bills were increasing. Orange County was set to begin receiving green power from the authority by the end of this year. The cost of having the county pull out is estimated to be around $65 million.

Damn you Carnot, Boltzmann and others for inventing Thermodynamics. It is a totalitarian science and it hurts feelings, well... and budgets too.  

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