Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Just A Reminder...

 ... This is Kazachya Bay Brigade company of Marines (Naval Infantry) of the Black Sea Fleet Naval Infantry Brigade marching in Greece about 10 years ago, including anthem of Sevastopol (in the end) called Legendary Sevastopol. 

It is in the past now, today these guys fight NATO Nazis in 404. I, who went through this training can tell a lot about what NATO people face, but I will not, not to mention the fact of Saturn Battalion being some tough SOBs, especially in hand-to-hand combat. But... what do I know;)) 

P.S. And if I will tell you what was across Kazachya Bay--you wouldn't believe me, but I was there and those people were our good friends. I'll give you a hint--search a great Hollywood movie The Day of the Dolphin (with George C. Scott), wink, wink.

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