Tuesday, January 24, 2023

They Still Don't Understand.

I mean those who planned this shit for Kiev regime. 

Generally speaking, the Kiev and London-Washington axis is a binary system of mutual BS, which, in layman's lingo, is known as an echo-chamber. One side BSes another that it is doing great on the battlefield, another side believes it because it has so much riding on other side's "success". The first giveaway, of course, is that London military "advisers", are even more incompetent than US generals from Washington think-tanks, and they can spell the word "strategy", but do not know what it is. They simply do not know what modern combined arms operations of scale are. A huge portion of what they teach in the elite military institutions in the West is simply a pseudo military academic fodder, designed to spin utter military failures into success.  
Now, that the smell of hundreds of thousands corpses of VSU cannot be spun into operational level use of air-freshener, the tension grows and they need "to do something". I spoke with my friends yesterday and we concluded that Germany, naturally, will be put into the pose of a running deer and will start sending Leopard tanks to 404. Upon elimination and capture of those by Russian forces, the US will enter German weapons market based on a single premise that German technology sucks (actually, there is a certain grain of truth in this) and it is about time Germany started buying US Abrams tanks (and whatever follows them), even despite the fact that Russians salivate anticipating 10 promised Abrams appearing on the battlefield. Nothing personal, folks, just business. 
Irina Alksnis wrote today an excellent piece for Ria (in Russian): Germany Made Her Choice, And We Have No Pity For Her. Difficult to disagree with her main point and, I am sure, Russian historic memory has something to do with that. You know, German tanks in Russia. Reminds me something. I just cannot put my finger on exactly what it reminds me of. Nah, I am screwing with you. Alksnis is correct that Germany's elites across the board are Russophobic and still cannot forgive Russia for those two T-34 monuments in Berlin Red Army left there just as a reminder. Meanwhile, Russian MoD reports advancements along the whole front line and, of course, people in General Staff read in amusement those "suggestions" from the US media and their military "advisers", who lost every war they ever fought, for 404 to get ready for "offensive". But I repeat myself, they do not know what modern combined arms operations are.

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