Friday, January 20, 2023

Voices Of Sanity?

Mike Krupa sent me link to this twitter from Bundestag. Ah, they remember (some of them) where Russian tanks (or Hussars) end up when Russia is attacked.  

Not all german politicians have forgotten history.

As I pointed out yesterday in a discussion board, Rammstein meeting turned out to be primarily a nothing-burger and, again, the already collapsing globalists' narrative will collapse much faster with the images of NATO super-pooper tanks burning in industrial quantities in 404. 

As I state constantly--there are people in Pentagon left who can and do calculate the real required force to change anything in favor of 404. Without going too much into criteria of efficiency and serious datasets for computers, I can repeat what it would take. It would take all NATO countries armies, headed by the US, all their Air Forces and navies, with draft introduced in all those countries, and then about a year of uninterrupted prepositioning of the forces--good luck with that--and a preliminary agreement with Russia that all this is merely a sport competition, in order for Russia not to flatten by conventional weapons London, Brussels and Washington, to have any effect at all. Then, maybe, especially if Russia fails to mobilize around 2.5 million personnel--also good luck hoping for that to happen--there could be some talk of "changing dynamics" in 404. In layman's lingo it is called a wet fantasy. 

As James Kunstler noted today:

Well, Ukraine HAD to become a hot-spot as not just laundromat, but as, as one Russian observer noted--the goal of prestige of a losing team which loses with a huge score. Never underestimate the ignorance and incompetence of neocons and their former Pentagon lap-dogs. They do not even know how to properly war game anything, because they live in a virtual reality and they needed badly to cover up Afghanistan humiliation and economic depression of likes we never saw before. All this neocon blob and hawks are the products of a fraudulent US Ivy League machine in "strategic studies", political "science" and foreign relations, which continues to churn out US petulant childish "elite" which played America to the precipice of a complete meltdown. And here is your Friday primer.

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