Tuesday, January 31, 2023

You Think Tank Formations Are Complex?

You can bet your ass on that--they are. Modern tank force, not some assorted variety of subpar vehicles, is very complex in terms of forming, training and fighting. Netcentricity, comms, targeting distribution, objectives' updates (re-designation), night vision, FLIRS and things of this nature. That is why, as an example, Russia has dedicated tank academies, such as Kazan Tank Red Banner Higher Command College (Academy) and used to have the Armour War College, which was converted into the Combined Arms War College. Russians teach their future tank formation commanders really seriously and the full course is 5 years 6 days a week long study. One of the graduates of Kazan College is all known to all of us Chief of General Staff Valery Gerasimov

Now, imagine what it takes to shake down a modern... submarine. Modern submarine is a deadly epitome of modern advanced technology and scientific and industrial prowess of the nation. It takes the highest level of military and scientific expertise to operate these advanced machines. Well, but that doesn't intimidate Ukrainian politicians. 

But even larger and more sophisticated weapons than long-range missiles, main battle tanks, and jet fighters are apparently on Ukraine’s shopping list. Deputy Foreign Minister Andrij Melnyk, who hit the headlines this week for instantly demanding jets even as the ink on the tank deal was still drying, has been turning his attention to naval power. Speaking of Ukraine’s ambition to kick Russia out of the black sea, the diplomat pointed to Germany’s class of six 212A diesel-electric attack submarines, asking for one of them, and a German frigate, the L├╝beck which was taken out of service last month. The 212A submarines are regarded as small and stealthy craft, using hydrogen fuel cells powering an electric motor for silent running underwater. “Why not to send one to Ukraine?”, Melnyk posited.

Obviously, Melnyk's prowess in anti-submarine warfare at the Black Sea Theater of Operations is impressive, wink, wink, but something tells me that whatever the submarine--let's imagine for a second a fantastic scenario--or submarines will be transferred to whatever passes in 404 for the navy, will last only as long as it takes for 3M14 Kalibr to fly to the base where this subs(s) will be "parked". Obviously, one shouldn't discount a rather impressive ASW component Russian Black Sea Fleet can bring to bear, ranging from the newest pr. 636 SSKs to surface and air based ASW component, but there is a larger problem here. 

Ukraine simply has no competent naval commanders to run a fucking inflatable boat, let alone modern submarine, not to mention a crew whose training and then shake down will take... years. 

It will take a separate book to describe all travails of a training of a decent, forget about very good, naval officer with focus on submarine service. And here, my friends, we are talking about advanced submarine with AIP. Granted, it is German (and Italian) and has pretty conventional torpedo armament. Can you imagine what it takes to run SSK of Russian Navy armed with state-of-the-art weapon systems, let alone being integrated in the network. But what do I know, Washington is desperate and... utterly incompetent. 

Meanwhile, some German cuck, namely Friedrich Merz, the head of CDU (another collection of cucks), passionately conveys in Focus this message: 

 Wir im Krieg mit Russland? Nein, Frau Baerbock!

Translation: We are at war with Russia? No, Frau Baerbock!

And then he proceeds to complain that Baerbock's statement about being at war with Russia gives... ammo to Kremlin's "propaganda". Well, Herr Merz, Baerbock, actually, unwittingly, of course, because she is uneducated ignorant bimbo--the only type allowed in German politics--she stated the truth. Germany IS at war with Russia and if this CDU big honcho didn't know that, then, naturally, he is full of shit and is as a lowlife liar as his former boss Frau Merkel. The creep doesn't even understand that the procedure for Russian diplomat still remaining in Germany of using serious disinfectant and possibly a course of antibiotics should be established after any pro-forma handshake with most of German politicians. Russia is done with Germany, finally. There is nobody to talk to there. Thank you, Analena Baerbock for being truthful when it mattered.     

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