Monday, January 30, 2023

Larry's Double Whammy Today.

First, Tom Lipscomb, who knows a thing or two about commanding armor units, provides us with excellent elaboration on all those tank "deliveries", starting with reminding some history:

Within sight of the Stadium Albert Speer built for Hitler’s 1936 Olympics there looms a high hill above the fashionable Grunewald district. A rare sight in flat Berlin, it once had a ski jump on it and is still used by skiers in the winter. It is capped by a deserted NATO listening station used during the Cold War to eavesdrop on Russian forces  and their Warsaw Pact allies. But there is nothing natural about it. It is called “Teufelsberg,” the Devil’s Mountain, for good reason. And it is made of the rubble from the tens of thousands of ruined buildings removed from Hitler’s Berlin as the city was painfully rebuilt. That was a consequence of the last time Germany sent tanks into Ukraine. And the Russians left a conspicuous reminder across the street from the burn- out Wilhelmine Reichstag building. It holds the functioning German parliament now called the Bundestag, which Olaf Scholz runs as its current Chancellor. Close by stands the massive Russian War Memorial surmounted by two of the T 34 tanks the Soviet Army had driven from Russia to smash into the heart of Germany in 1945.

Then Tom proceeds, in virtuoso vernacular, to expose utter military incompetence in the US today. 

Then Larry, you know, another professional with both CIA and State Department, explains some diplomatic (and battlefield) realities:

As Pepe earlier today encapsulated the whole desperation and feeble attempts on diplomacy in NATO: Please don’t go on the offensive. Well, it is too late. Enjoy at Larry's blog.

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