Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Larry Asks The Question...

 ... if it is the endgame for Ukraine in Bakhmut. 

Then proceeds to demolish Western "analysts". It is the end game at this operational direction and it has severe strategic implications for 404. Like this--I love this--funny meme. 

So, don't be surprised with appointment of Gerasimov as overall commander of SMO. Recall what Georgy Zhukov was, starting from his position of the Chief of General Staff in 1941, throughout WW II. Most of his time he was a representative of Stavka, coordinating all kinds of battles from Stalingrad, to Kursk, to Operation Bagration. In the end he was given a command of a monstrously powerful 1st Belorussian Front and in this capacity he took Berlin. So, Gerasimov's "move" is pretty standard. 

Also, take a look at Brian's very good spread on Western propaganda. 

And I will be addressing this today too, including the issue of "industrial warfare" as presented by Colonel Alex Vershinin of British Army in the now much talked about RUSI Report from June 2022 about the industrial warfare. I am sad, very sad;)) I warned about industrial warfare since the inception of this blog in 2014 and then wrote 3 books on that well before any Western military "think-tank" knew what they were doing. I warned about it! They never knew what they were dealing with. Now they know, but it is too late. Will we see Winter Offensive? We'll see.

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