Thursday, October 13, 2022

Why Europe Is Written Off...

 ... by Russia in civilizational sense. Here is another piece of a puzzle. 

You cannot talk to this people, you cannot reason with them. Here is another cretin responding to a fully imaginary "threat" concocted by Jake Sullivan about Russia using tactical nukes in Ukraine. 

Russia is not intent on using nukes, any nukes, in 404, Russia is doing it by conventional weapons just fine. Yet, the head of a nuclear armed state continues to respond to imaginary threats. The combined West is in a very deep trouble--it desperately needs, US included, an off-ramp. It is safe to assume (indicators are there) that Russia and the US are talking behind the scene, but as I wrote for years now--the US has no serious leverage over Russia in any field. And the white flags are getting ready. Sadly for the US it doesn't have anymore a competent diplomacy and is not ready, yet, to start listening.

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