Thursday, October 6, 2022

Poland's Sitrep From Ania.

Wonderful Ania provides some extremely important insights into Poland's situation:

50% tax, up from 19%? Two and a half times higher in just a couple of months. Poland was thoroughly de-industrialized in the last 30 years, with this insane increase, Ania asks, where would those companies go? The answer is obvious--they will leave Poland. Where to, though, is unclear. It all aligns well with the US "kill Europe" strategy, but as everyone observed in the last several days, there is very little real benefit for the US in the long run. In fact, it is detrimental. Despite all efforts from the US current quotes for oil are:

And any machinations and pathos-ridden statements about stopping insurance or even sabotaging more pipelines or even oil-tankers, are just that--desperate attempts to cover up an economic catastrophe unfolding both for Europe and the United States.

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