Saturday, October 1, 2022

Made A New Video...

About the whole shebang and how every desperate attempt is made to distract people's attention from huge events. As Larch stated succinctly: 

Krasny Liman is the micro, Putin's speech and actions are the macro. The irony is people think Krasny Liman is easy to understand so they dwell on it as emblematic of the big picture, while Sept. 30 will remain for centuries as the Big Shift in geopolitical events. The war against Satan. Epic. Biblical. Colossal. Terrific monologue and primer for all to reexamine the Putin speech.  

So, here is me:

In related news--real Russian cultural elite sings to 180,000 people in Moscow yesterday.
I cannot emphasize enough the significance of all that and the way Russia cuts last feeble threads to 1990s and modern West.

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