Saturday, October 29, 2022

NVP Is In...

What is NVP? Recall--6 years ago I wrote:

These are not fake, albeit on the second photo I would have really kicked the ass of the teacher for pointing, even if unloaded and disabled, AK towards students. Let me explain why those are not fake--because in my time it also was absolutely normal to come to the lesson on physics or geography with AKM (later AK-74) if we would have some exercises in the course of NVP (Nachalnaya Voennaya Podgotovka--Basic Military Training) after this lesson. These photos are most likely from Belarus or Kazakhstan where the subject of NVP not never was cancelled (unlike it was in Russia) but thrives and rightly so. I, as well as very many of my peers in USSR knew how to assemble-disassemble AK as early as 5-6th grade,  we learned about basic tactics in offense and defense (squad-platoon), by 10th grade we would be on the nearest military unit's firing range firing real live ammo from Kalashnikovs--these were and are real requirements for the graduate of the high schools.

Now, as official RG reports today (in Russian)--The Initial Military Training is getting back into Russian public schools' programs and it includes training with AK-74s, grenades F-1 and RGD-5, first medical help on a battlefield,  tactics of squad, including motor-rifle training with APC etc. Yes, those things we did in school, including live fire exercises on the ranges of nearest military formations. In my case we did it at the range in Radygino in Kamchatka in 1978-79. Finally. Long overdue. 

This is how you prepare real men on the wholesale scale. Exceptions are possible, of course. Well, it is Saturday and:

Can you believe it? The UK used to be a great and cool country with a great music. I wish to preserve the Status Quo of that time. Pun is intended.

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