Sunday, October 9, 2022

Larry Gives A Very Good Treatment...

 ... to the logic of current situation and he also gives it a great moral and psychological treatment. Speaking of the Crimean Bridge and an avalanche of the excrement poured over Russia in general, and Putin in particular in the West, Larry notes:

But what Larry points out specifically for all kinds of hysterical types demanding "revenge" now:

While some pundits have speculated that Russia might unleash its intelligence and special operations forces to carry out sabotage and “terrorist” attacks against U.S. and European targets, along with clubbing Ukraine with an iron fist, I do not believe that Vladimir Putin wants to sink to that level and give the West more reason to label it as a sponsor of terrorism. I do not mean to imply that Putin is afraid of being labeled a “terrorist”, but I think Putin understands that “terrorism” is an act of weakness and he is not about to take actions that portray Russia as feeble. Strength, baby, strength.

This, my friends, is a real professional speaking and he speaks the truth. There is a Russian saying (I mean it--it is famous): when Putin speaks, you cannot get enough of his speaking, when he maintains silence, one can shit own pants. Read a superb piece at Larry's blog.

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