Sunday, October 9, 2022

They ARE Into Bridge-Blowing Business, After All.

Some peculiar news from 404. 

Ukrainian forces have destroyed almost all bridges and mined the roads along the border with Belarus, Anatoly Lappo, chairman of the State Border Committee of Belarus, said on Sunday. Minsk has accused Kiev of planning imminent strikes on its territory. "Today, almost all border bridges have been blown up, and automobile and railway border routes are completely mined,” Lappo told Belarusian TV, according to Russia’s Interfax news agency. Ukrainian forces have fortified the border "to the extent that they put anti-tank mines in three rows on the roads," Lappo said. The troops Kiev has sent to the border are “not border guards,” Lappo claimed. “We are under pressure, they are aiming at our border guards, sometimes they shoot in the air, constant aerial reconnaissance is being carried out,” he added. A day before the news broke, Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry claimed that its ambassador to Belarus was summoned to the Belarusian Foreign Ministry and handed an official note saying that “Ukraine is planning to conduct a strike on the territory of Belarus.” The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said that it “categorically rejects” the accusation, adding that it could be part of a Russian plan to “stage a provocation and further accuse” Kiev.

The speculations abound, ranging from Kiev regime's fear of Belarus' involvement into SMO to cutting Ukrainian citizens escape to Belarus, but it is clear that Kiev doesn't do anything without approval from London and D.C. Obviously this news, naturally, are not reported in the West, while they made it all over Russia, and Belarus, of course. 

Each time I need to remind people about a dire need to constantly keep an eye on a larger picture. All signs of a panic in D.C. are in place now. Here is me talking about it today:

In fact, I am on this story since the start a few days ago because it was a wowser. But here is Fox News:

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of all this. Together with operational convulsions of VSU and their NATO commanders in their desperate attempts to attack along the whole length of the front in desperate attempts to breach Russian defenses there. Naturally, all those attempts failed and VSU and NATO--yes, there are thousands of them now fighting in 404--forces have been repulsed with huge losses for them. I think people in Pentagon and General Staff in London still exercise the illusion that their "tactics" of small diversionary-recon groups saturating the defense is something new and surprising. Boy... But to give even more context: 

МОСКВА, 9 октября. /ТАСС/. Россия и Иран заключили сделки в нефтегазовой отрасли на сумму, превышающую $40 млрд. Об этом в воскресенье сообщил министр нефти Ирана Джавад Оуджи. "Мы подписали меморандум о взаимопонимании с Россией стоимостью $4 млрд на разработку месторождений, а также соглашение касательно строительства ниток газопровода и установок для производства сжиженного природного газа (СПГ) на сумму $40 млрд", - цитирует его агентство ISNA. В воскресенье заместитель Оуджи Ахмед Асадзаде проинформировал, что Россия собирается начать разработку шести нефтяных и двух газовых месторождений, расположенных на территории Ирана. Он также выразил надежду на то, что соответствующее соглашение будет подписано до конца года.

Translation: The countries also signed a memorandum of understanding with Russia worth $4 billion for field development. MOSCOW, 9 October. /TASS/. Russia and Iran have signed deals in the oil and gas industry worth more than $40 billion, Iranian Oil Minister Javad Ouji said on Sunday. "We signed a memorandum of understanding with Russia worth $4 billion for the development of fields, as well as an agreement on the construction of gas pipelines and installations for the production of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the amount of $40 billion," ISNA quoted him as saying. On Sunday, Ouji's deputy Ahmed Asadzade informed that Russia is going to start developing six oil and two gas fields located in Iran. He also expressed hope that the relevant agreement would be signed before the end of the year.

I am telling you--this gotta hurt and they are throwing tantrums in D.C. Russia, meanwhile, builds bridges with the rest of the world, both metaphorically and literally. 

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