Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Andrei Raevsky Posted...

... about "dirty bomb".  

While zombies like Brandon and his “genius” VP are clueless about any of that, there must be at least a few folks in the Pentagon or the letter soup agencies who understand the simple fact that the way things look now, the Hegemony has three options:

Not very good perspectives.  So here is one more: how about creating total chaos and hope that something advantageous comes out of it?  In other words, while setting off a dirty bomb will do nothing in purely military terms (it sure won’t stop the Russian military), it will create such a huge political reaction that the current situation will turn into total chaos, panic, rumors, lies, etc.

Read Andrei's excellent dissection of the whole "optics" strategy of neocons. It always was about optics. And the issue of hate fits very well with Larch's summary:

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