Tuesday, October 18, 2022

At This Stage...

 ... I don't even know how to convey to anyone the stench of the lowlifes who populate Western media, but this is how Russians "suffer" from sanctions. I admit--it is impossible to explain to some dumb-ass with Ivy League degree in some pseudo-economics BS (they have zero mental faculties), but here it is. Will start from hundreds kilometers from St. Petersburg. 

Here is Russ buying shit in one of the Russian (German, wink, wink) supermarkets a few day ago.

As I already stated, US "elite" (Ivy League) universities produce imbeciles. So is London "elite" education. E.G. why the U.K. is over:

How can you explain to imbecile that he(she) is an imbecile--you cannot, because he (she) is an imbecile. 

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