Friday, October 14, 2022

Something For The Weekend...

It is Friday, here is my talking head and discussion of... WD-40 by people in the comment section below on YouTube, LOL. 

Now a new hysterical bubble is being blown by, you guessed it, British media (a euphemism for informational sewer) about: 

Practically every single word here is a lie, because it is absolutely not a secret that VSU is preparing yet another attempt on "offensive" in the Kherson REGION and that means that they will be launching indiscriminately at civilian population. And here it comes--ah, so well developed BS manufacturing Western media machine. Get a load of this:

But residents painted a much less pleasant picture. Konstantin, a Kherson city resident who spoke on condition of having his last withheld for safety reasons, told The Associated Press on Friday that columns of military trucks had begun to move around the city and eventually leave. All schools were closed, and most state institutions and local administrative bodies had moved to reduced working hours, he said. “The mood in Kherson is not cheerful. The city is now in suspense. Primarily the Russian military from the headquarters and the family of collaborators are leaving,” Konstantin told the AP. “Everyone is discussing the imminent arrival of the Ukrainian military and preparing for it.” Russia has characterized the movement of Ukrainians to Russia or Russian-controlled territory as voluntary, but in many cases it is the only route residents of the occupied areas can or are allowed to take. 

So, read the whole thing. This is how another load of contrived and openly made up BS is being infused into already confused Western lay people's minds. In the same time, my source from AP, who spoke on condition of having his/her/they/their last name withheld for safety reasons, told me that Associated Press is filled with a human waste. Seems legit, most of them are.

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