Thursday, October 27, 2022

Very Pleasant, Very...

... to have what I say non-stop to be confirmed by Vladimir Vladimirovich. Last time I said it was three days ago in my video.   

Russian President Vladimir Putin declared on Thursday that Russia is an “independent” civilization that does not consider itself an enemy of the West. Instead, he sees the “aggressive” and “neo-colonial” liberal elite in charge of the West as a foe. “In the current conditions of a tough conflict, I will say some things directly,” Putin told a meeting of the Valdai Discussion Club. “Russia, being an independent, original civilization, has never considered and does not consider itself an enemy of the West.” Hatred for American, British, French or German people “are the same form of racism as Russophobia and anti-Semitism,” he added. Putin went on to describe the West as two entities. On one hand, the traditional, primarily Christian West is close to us in some ways,” he said, noting that “we have in many respects common and ancient roots.”

One of the practical reasons why me and my family can and do live in the US is precisely because of the commonality of the roots. Also, in many respects--commonality of the values' system, which currently is being demolished. E.g. I do respect and even admire in many senses the cultures of China and India, but I couldn't live there--because culturally we are different. Not better or worse, just different. And Putin is absolutely correct, Russia is not West's enemy but Western elites, certainly, are enemies of Russia and Russian people. That is what this whole ordeal is about. And I mean culture not only in a material sense; although the Starbucks and McDonald's left Russia, Russians everywhere continue to drink lattes and eat cheeseburgers. Among many other things which are distinctly Western, not least of them being Russian heavy-metal, punks or what have you. For better or worse--it is Western culture but with now traditional Russian twist. Russians continue to read Shakespeare.

Enough to take a look at Foreign Literature section of the Literature Course for Russian public schools to recognize this (in Russian). You can easily find Moliere, Shakespeare, Hugo, Cervantes, Bradbury, Jules Verne, Dickens, Oscar Wilde and Mark Twain among many others. It is all there, it always was and unlike it is the case in the West, especially Europe, Russia never cancelled Western culture. So, here we are today and this discussion is no less important than discussion on the strategic and operational issues of SMO. Especially since Putin himself today confirmed that losses ratios in SMO are reaching 1 to 7 or 1 to 8 in favor of Russian forces (in Russian). Sadly, 23 Chechen guys got killed today under the artillery barrage, Ramzan stated it today (in Russian). The revenge was dispatched immediately. R.I.P., guys. 

In related news, lapdogs start barking, sort of. Politico even called it: 

Scholz and Macron threaten trade retaliation against Biden. France and Germany want to negotiate with Washington about unfair competition — but they are ready to hit back if necessary.

Good luck trying this, because there are so many terrorists in France and Germany that they may strike, suddenly and unexpectedly, wink, wink;) Nevertheless, Politco concludes:

But even though their lunch came against an awkward backdrop, both leaders agreed that the EU cannot remain idle if Washington pushes ahead with its Inflation Reduction Act, which offers tax cuts and energy benefits for companies investing on U.S. soil, in its current form. Specifically, the recently signed U.S. legislation encourages consumers to “Buy American” when it comes to choosing an electric vehicle — a move particularly galling for major car industries in the likes of France and Germany.

The message from the Paris lunch is: If the U.S. doesn't scale back, then the EU will have to strike back. Similar incentive schemes for companies will be needed to avoid unfair competition or losing investments. That move would risk plunging transatlantic relations into a new trade war.

I am getting myself pop-corn...

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