Saturday, October 8, 2022

On The Issue Of The Linear Targets.

A classic diversionary (sabotage) act against linear target is blowing up the rail. Immediately note to yourself--rails are blown not for the sake of demolishing the railway, but for the sake of derailing passing train. Derailing the train is the end with railway damage being merely means. For a simple reason--you can repair railway relatively fast, sometimes within a few days, if not hours. The same applies to the bridges such as Crimean Bridge. One can take out one or two spans but one cannot blow up all 19 kilometers (12 miles) of this bridge. And that means that being linear is your greatest advantage. You can blow up 100 meters of a railway, but you cannot blow up 7,000 kilometers of TranSib.

Sabotage at the Crimean Bridge is a classic example of a difficulty the terrorist-sabotage groups face when trying to disable a linear target. As you all know, the traffic over the bridge is already largely restored, including car traffic using remaining lanes, while railroad is fine and continues to operate, which is important for accumulation of the forces in Crimea, including for future operations with the re-deployment through Kherson region. Even for the PR reasons, Kiev, as always, didn't achieve anything of substance. The fact that WaPo--this warmongering lying sack of shit pretending to be a legitimate media--printed "opinion" of some, obviously anonymous, official that it was an SBU "operation" tells one something. Washington directly points out to Kiev as a culprit, despite Kiev not officially admitting it. 

Well, here is Zakharova today:

Вопрос: Глава американского внешнеполитического ведомства публично обозначил недавно готовность США к «дипломатии с Россией по Украине». Как бы Вы могли прокомментировать этот сигнал?

Ответ: Поступающие в последние дни от Администрации США публичные сигналы в контексте происходящего на Украине сочетают в себе провокационную воинственность и сумбурные намеки на возможность соответствующего российско-американского диалога. Невнятицей на этот счет отметился Госсекретарь Э.Блинкен. Он заявил, что США будут готовы отреагировать, если Москва проявит «сколько-нибудь серьезные намерения». Между тем еще пару недель назад он начисто отрицал саму возможность поиска дипломатического решения. Однако главное – это реальные шаги американцев и их сателлитов. А они кардинально противоречат претендующей на миролюбие показной риторике. Наращиваются поставки вооружений режиму В.Зеленского, непосредственно «на земле» растет число западных наемников и инструкторов, США все глубже втягиваются в многоплановую поддержку своих клиентов в Киеве. И это на фоне безумных призывов В.Зеленского к своим хозяевам нанести по России превентивный ядерный удар. Такая безответственная демагогия, судя по всему, начинает пугать даже тех, кто требует «победить русских на поле боя». Отсюда, видимо, и проистекают метания команды Дж.Байдена, которая сама взрастила зло, похоже, даже не задумываясь о катастрофических для мира, а главное – для себя, последствиях.


Q: Ameican foreign policy department recently publicly indicated the readiness of the United States for "diplomacy with Russia on Ukraine." How could you comment on this signal? 
A: The public signals coming from the US Administration in recent days in the context of what is happening in Ukraine combine provocative militancy and chaotic allusions to the possibility of an appropriate Russian-American dialogue. Secretary of State E. Blinken was vague on this score. He said the US would be ready to respond if Moscow showed "any serious intentions." Meanwhile, a couple of weeks ago, he flatly denied the very possibility of seeking a diplomatic solution. However, the main thing is the real steps taken by the Americans and their satellites. And they radically contradict the ostentatious rhetoric that claims to be peaceful. The supply of arms to the regime of V. Zelensky is increasing, the number of Western mercenaries and instructors is growing directly “on the ground”, the United States is getting deeper and deeper into the multifaceted support of its clients in Kyiv. And this is against the backdrop of V. Zelensky's insane calls to his masters to launch a preventive nuclear strike on Russia. Such irresponsible demagoguery, apparently, is beginning to frighten even those who demand to "defeat the Russians on the battlefield." From here, apparently, the flouncing about of the J. Biden team stems, which itself has nurtured evil, it seems, without even thinking about the catastrophic consequences for the world, and most importantly for itself. 
As if to confirm what I spoke about yesterday about this fluffy BS about nuclear war emanating from the White House, Pentagon today finally put its foot down: 

The US Defense Department does not believe that a Russian nuclear strike is imminent, several Pentagon officials told journalists this week. Washington still treats Moscow’s supposed threats “very seriously,” they added. “We don’t assess that President Putin has made a decision to use nuclear weapons at this time,” the Pentagon’s press secretary, Brigadier General Patrick Ryder, told journalists at a briefing on Thursday. He spoke after US President Joe Biden warned that the risk of a nuclear conflict is at the highest level since the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. For now, the US does not possess any information that would warrant a change in its “strategic deterrence posture,” Ryder said, adding that Washington will continue to closely monitor the situation, as it takes Russia’s threats “very seriously.” On Friday, another Pentagon spokesman, J. Todd Breasseale, told Politico that the US still does not see any indication that Russia is preparing for a nuclear strike. “To be clear: we have not seen any reason to adjust our own strategic nuclear posture nor do we have indications that Russia is preparing to imminently use nuclear weapons,” he said.

As I am on record ad nauseam--for the the West SMO is mostly about PR, because combined West and its "leader" have no resources to fight a real conventional war with Russia. Hence, as Zakharova stated, the flouncing about, as if being in a feverish delirium. The US need a deal with Russia, but Medvedev was quite explicit about it--the deal will be primarily about unconditional surrender in economic war. As per SMO, as was expected--the "front" was stabilized and VSU are throwing last reserves at Russia and everyone who has the IQ above room temperature knows now what is coming. The only thing Kiev has left at its disposal are PR acts like sabotage of the Bridge or, which is fully expected, terrorist acts against civilians deep into Russia proper and infrastructure objects, such as metro, public transport, energy control centers among many other, are the targets for Washington and London who use their Kiev stooges to provide for plausible deniability. But, as it is a strategic truism--terrorism is the weapon of the weak. When considering psychopaths running modern West this is what you would expect. After all, the only thing Western militaries excelled in the last 30 years is to kill civilians and blow civilian infrastructure, and the pattern is recognizable immediately. 

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