Monday, October 10, 2022

Are They THAT Stupid?

Nobody talks to lapdogs. One must have subjectivity, EU is an object. Stinky, degenerate and ugly, but object nonetheless. I do not negotiate with the furniture at home--I move it when I need to and I don't ask my couches or credenzas for their opinion. Plus, nobody gives a shit in Russia what any UN "resolution" says anymore.

Somebody explain to those morons that the time for dialogues is over. Timing is everything, don't they know? As Mr. Dmitry Medvedev, to remind you--a former President of Russia and Deputy Chairman of Russia Security Council, stated today:

I guess, his "personal opinion" is fully shared by Russia's military-political top and overwhelming majority of Russians. Moreover, many people in America begin to raise their voices and not just lay people. Like this Congressman from Arizona.  

So, you see how fast public opinion momentum changes? The current street joke in Russia today is: thank God, we ran out of missiles in March, so nobody will blame us for attacking Ukraine(c). Evidently after many air-conditioners exploded in 404, plus 404 bombed herself today, what can I say--if Russia can bomb herself for 8 years in Donbass, in accordance to Ukie and Western propaganda, then you saw yourself--mighty Ukrainian armed forces also are really good at blowing Ukraine's critical infrastructure and Russia has nothing to do with that (wink, wink). If 404 will try to continue with her terrorism in Russia, Russia will have even more times nothing to do with 404 bombing herself, and this having nothing to do with it will be even more... nothing. 

In related news--a perfect demonstration of why Western "journalists" generally are a human waste and lowlifes.   

No, they apologize because they got caught, this human excrement has no morals, integrity or humanity in them.  

Police investigated the incident after the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Thailand condemned the reporters’ actions. “This was unprofessional and a serious breach of journalistic ethics,” the press club said in a statement on Saturday. “CNN meanwhile should answer a simple question. Would one of their crews have behaved in the same way at a serious crime scene in the United States?” On social media, Thai commenters were unhappy with CNN’s statement and Coren’s apology. “Parachuting in for 15 minutes to get blood stained floors of a scene where 20+ kids were just slaughtered does not humanize anything,” one crime blogger wrote on Twitter. “You wanted gore. Go to hell.”

This pretty much is the definition which covers most of Western media class--a breeding ground for psychopaths and narcissists. A collective Rachel Maddow. This is your primer for Monday.

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