Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Now, Russia Is Finished...

Because mighty UK finally pulled the plug, LOL)) That will show those Roosskies. 

The UK has placed new sanctions on Russia, blocking its citizens and businesses from purchasing an array of services from British firms, over the Kremlin’s decision to annex four regions of Ukraine. The new sanctions seek to further damage Russia’s economy by hindering the country’s access to IT consultancy, architectural, engineering, accounting, and commercial legal services from UK firms. Russia currently imports more than two-thirds (67 percent) of its services from countries that have already sanctioned the Russian Federation over its invasion of Ukraine. The Russian Federation is particularly on the UK for audit and commercial legal services due to London’s position as one of the world’s leading professional services hubs. The new sanctions expand on the UK government’s May package that banned service firms including consultancies and PR agencies from working with Russia. However, the May package let lawyers continue working with Russia, despite criticism of the role law firms have played in enabling Russian oligarchs, particularly through the use of libel threats. The new package is set to ban lawyers from providing “transactional legal advisory services” to Russian businesses, but will let law firms continue providing other limited legal services to the country. Ross Denton, head of international trade at Ashurst, said the “prohibition is likely intended to relate to new M&A and commercial contracts.” However, Denton warned the new sanctions could “encourage some law firms to start supplying services to Russian persons as the UK will have set out what services are prohibited, thus establishing what services would be legal.

You could see the thunder clouds gathering over horizon for Russia when UK committed the atrocity against Russians a few years ago by banning London's gay version of famous Tchaikovsky's ballet  The Swan Lake to travel to Russia, many Moscow intellectuals ended up trying to commit suicide. But now this, good Lord, what have you done Foggy Albion to Russians. Kremlin is desperately trying to come up with Declaration of Unconditional Surrender but... they have no lawyers to properly write it. So, no cigar, I guess. 

It is not an accident that Maxim Sokolov of Ria wrote yesterday a piece which explains that combined West is experiencing an anthropological catastrophe (in Russian), which is a euphemism for primarily degenerates constituting Western "elites" and it is difficult not to agree with Sokolov. Have you listened to Mr. Petraeus lately? The guy doesn't understand simplest military-technological things, because he spews an amateurish crap even many gamers from mama's basement understand better than him. Can you reason with these people? Nope. But even these morons, while trying to project the tough image evidently have some sense of self-preservation, despite being pathological liars. 

Biden adviser: US in private talks with Russia over nuclear weapons to avoid public ‘tit for tat’ 

Sure, the problem, of course, is in the fact, as I already stated, that you cannot negotiate anything with these people--you just have to tell them what expects them and for the cretin Petraeus who wants to sink Russian ships, somebody has to show him this news, which, for some reason, created panic in Western media. 

Somebody has to explain to Petraeus and his ilk of "generals" who lost everything (wars) they ever fought, that Belgorod carries 6 Poseidon drones and those, having unlimited range and speeds in excess of 100 knots, are not interceptable by any existing ASW means and they carry not only nuclear ordnance, but also can carry a shitload of conventional explosives in lieu of nukes, and that means that a single Belgorod can sink 6 US Navy nuclear aircraft carriers. And I mean literally blow them out of the water by conventional explosives. Does he want to play this game? 

Somebody explain this to him, please. But don't hold your breath--the issue is anthropological. Plus, Belgorod is still in trials mode for weapon systems, wink, wink. 

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