Monday, October 24, 2022

Larry Gives A Spread...

On HIMARS in his latest: 

Is The HIMARS Multiple Rocket Launch System a Game Changer? Short answer, no. At least not for Ukraine’s military. But it is a game changer for Lockheed Martin stockholders, with the defense contractor enjoying great publicity and new orders. Although the Ukrainians are firing hundreds of HIMARS a month they are having limited success in causing significant damage to the Russian military personnel and ammo depots. In fact, it appears Russia is shooting most of the HIMARS rockets out of the sky with their air defense systems. That lack of success has not stopped Lockheed from locking down new contracts with the Department of Defense. But if you think that Lockheed is cranking out HIMARS at a rapid rate, think again. The production process is best described as leisurely:

Then Larry provides this importnat spread. BTW, pay attention to virtual disappearance of Tochka U OTRK missiles from the arsenal of VSU. There is no secret--VSU largely ran out of them, with overwhelming majority of them shot down by Russian Air Defense. Per Olkha, which is an inferior Ukie derivative of a venerable Russian BM-30 Smerch (Tornado), as Russian air defense people of SMO state, Olkha is even larger, albeit still manageable, problem than HIMARS. As per Putin's "we haven't started anything yet"(c), you can observe those "starters" steadily streaming towards the theater of operations. 

Or here...
There are dozens of such echelons on their way to the West every day. Make you own conclusions. Larry's excellent piece will help.

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