Sunday, October 16, 2022

They Say It Was...

... organized by Jean Luc-Melenchon, a guy who made sure that he endorsed globalist stooge Macron for him to beat (handily) Marine Le Pen. Make no mistake, I am not a complete idiot to fail to recognize that Marine is a consummate political animal, who, should she have won, would have abandoned most of her campaign promises to French. And that is the issue--listen to cretins on this protest who still protest... climate change. Where are LGBTQ flags, they MUST be there, because every French must go hungry and cold for the rights of LGBTQ--this is implied in Euro "Left's" agenda.

That's the French (and Western in general) so called "Left" for you. Now they protest against "climate change" and inflation? What can I say--you all wanted it, especially a bunch of Melenchon's and other French "lefties" who claim now that people go hungry. But people voted for your programs and political aims which are still Neo-liberal, just packaged slightly differently from Davos excrement. So, the events MUST now unfold as they may, the same goes for the US and all this is just the start, a warm-up, or a cool-down, depending on POV, so to speak. And no spin can hide anymore the truth of very large groups of people voting on own volition for their own hunger, cold, discomfort and misery. 

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