Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Macron, Seriously?

Dmitry Orlov posted today a superb piece on all this Syria non-sense. Plus Russians do not mince words anymore and are very blunt. Russia's Ambassador to EU Vladimir Chizhov was pretty right to the point in his short interview to Euronews and informed:  
Now, enter the "leader" of mighty France, Monsignor Macron. TASS, for now in Russian, quotes France's President who suddenly, after, of course, describing this massive humanitarian, democratic, coordinated between France, UK and USA strike on Syria's "chemical weapons" facilities (didn't Syria finish off her chemical weapons like years ago? My Alzheimer today is again in acute phase, I guess.) and all that good it will do to the world, makes a strange clarification. I guess it is precisely about this "coordination" between these three indignant "leaders" of a "free world". Here it is: 
Translation: Not under any conditions the decisions we will make will harm the allies of the regime of Damascus and will not be directed against anyone, with the exception of the offensive chemical capabilities, which regime (in Damascus) possesses, if such decision will be made.

Well, I am getting the feeling that we may be talking about repetition of Shayrat. Shayrat 2.0 Possible? Why not. Macron obviously speaks from coordinated script and in view of Russia's stern warning, if strikes are launched, they most likely (most likely doesn't equal 100% guarantee—we have a whole city of lunatics in D.C., so no any guarantees) will be launched in a manner to avoid by all means any areas covered by Russian AD and locations of Russian military. Is there a guarantee that CENTCOM will inform Russians in Syria prior to strike as it was with the last time? No, but again—who knows. This time, however, Russia has her arms untied and may, indeed, practice her (not just Syrian) AD if any of the TLAMs get in the way. There is one problem, of course, where are those "regime's offensive chemical capabilities" located? If it is some collection of abandoned shacks in the middle of nowhere in Syria—sure, let them. Let D.C. and London and Paris boys and girls have distraction from their hard, sweaty, dangerous and so filled with the care for the welfare for American (French, British)  nation and democracy offices, upscale restaurants and elite country clubs—this is such a hard life.  


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