Thursday, April 12, 2018

Are We There Yet?

Pretty much this requires no elaboration on the state of the affairs in modern America. 

Basically, Trump not only humiliates himself and the country, whose geopolitical weight is dwindling on hourly basis, he destroyed any chance of meaningful discussion with Russia on any serious geopolitical issue. From here Russia will take it alone and I really doubt that Vladimir Putin will lower himself to traveling to Washington for an alleged summit. There is no reason for it anyway. Russia called Trump's bluff and the picture is going to be increasingly ugly from now on. He still, probably, will launch some kind of salvo at some point of time to indicate relevance but, I think, Trump's presidency is finished and once mid-term elections of 2018 are held, who knows where it will go from there.The rest is for political pseudo-scientists and talking heads to decide. He and his "team" really chose wrong people and country to fvck with. Just to demonstrate the cultural abyss in relation to real war. Yesterday's broadcast on one of the major TV networks. No panic, just business.

Russia is on a real war footing. Expect many surprises, especially in ridding the Russian power structures of fifth column of "liberals", many of whom are real agents of influence. The conversation with the West is over.

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