Friday, April 13, 2018

Colonel Lang Headlined My Post.

Here is the link to SST. It is interesting, indeed, how many military (and intelligence) professionals on both sides pretty much hover over same (plus-minus) assessments, estimates and contingencies. The problem though, we do not have time nor capacity to educate lawyers, political "scientists", journos and other utterly unqualified people in US Congress or in The White House, POTUS and Mr. Bolton included, on realities of war and what it may entail. Nor is there time to give them a short excurse into Russian history. It is really a bizarre reality when the only guy who stands between insanity and normality is, for crying out loud, "Mad Dog" Mattis. Who would have thought.

Interestingly, Colonel Douglas Macgregor  weighted in on this insanity today too. 
But let's state what I was convinced in for months now. Trump is not against Swamp, he IS Swamp--he never was away from the dark side amplified by his utter incompetence and pathetic bellicosity sold to us, deplorables, as a desire to save the country. He is a perfect conduit for insane neocon policies and, what is most important, he loves it--and that is a diagnosis. 

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