Monday, April 16, 2018

Summit? What Summit?

As was predicted, there are no plans in Russia to arrange meeting between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump. It is absolutely correct approach:

The immediate question in this case is this: to discuss what with who? What's the point of Vladimir Putin, who represents and is supported by overwhelming majority of the nation and elites, thus carrying legitimacy and guarantee of any treaties and settlements Russia concludes with anyone, meeting with the guy who is completely unhinged as is most of US political class? As Vzglyad, via Wall Street Journal, reports (in Russian), Trump initially was predisposed for all-out attack on Syria including Russian assets and only Mattis' insistence made Trump to yield to more "moderate" version of illegal attack on Syria.

If to believe WSJ—a rather risky proposition for a rag which is vehemently neoconservative-interventionist and is long ago a propaganda outlet for American virtual economy—Trump wanted to go with the "trigger" which Russia clearly indicated: any attack on Russian assets or Russian casualty from strikes—Russian AD gets engaged and will shoot down missiles and will engage missile carriers. Trump, again, if to believe WSJ, wanted just that. So, what's to talk to with the guy and his cabal of unhinged "advisers", such as Bolton, about? It is guaranteed that no negotiated settlement or power configuration between Russia and the US will survive the very first meeting with American media-political environment which cannot be judged anymore in any terms other than a complete mad house. In other words—US is absolutely not-treaty worthy party, period. There is nothing to talk about. There is nobody to talk to for Vladimir Putin. It seems, though, that the only people who operate within general professional and reason-driven framework are "Mad Dog" Mattis and Joseph Dunford—they understand the war, others don't. 

Expect in coming days, week or months an increased volatility and number of provocations initiated by none other than Trump himself with, possibly, Ukraine becoming slightly "hotter", plus other well-known and documented "technologies" from US Department of State's "arsenal of democracy" such as all kinds of "colored revolutions" and destabilization at Russia's perimeter—after all, May 7th is the day of Vladimir Putin's inauguration and then, of course, World Cup 2018—so many opportunities to show oneself a complete sore loser. So many European countries to stage false flag calamities. The United States, or, rather, her current power and media elites are on a collision course with Russia (why not China—is a separate manner, the issue is not only economic). The stakes are enormous—either Russia is destroyed or, which is most likely and is happening already and the process is irreversible, she completely removes herself from the shackles of 1990s and re-emerges as another superpower, this means the end of the United States as we know it, since the main pillar on which US virtual hegemony rests is her self-proclaimed military omnipotence. Once this pillar is removed, for the whole world to see, the US economy, large parts of which are completely "monetized" or exist only on paper, will crumble. I wrote for years and years that the US simply cooks the books, evidently there are people from purely economic-accounting business who agree with me:

With an expected debt-to-GDP ratio of 125% at the end of this year, the US is now just behind Italy as the world’s third most indebted major country, and far above Spain and France with their near 100% debt ratio. Still the future looks yet bleaker as we expect the US debt to grow to $30 trillion within five more years, by 2023. The US debt ratio would then be 140%. For most consumers of economic news, these figures might sound bewildering. But that’s just because you might not know that the US government has been cooking the books. To put it somewhat milder, the US government – (exceptional as they are) – is so to say creative in reporting its debt figures, or at the very least they don’t follow the conventions that apply to the mere mortal countries, that is, to the rest of the world.

It is impossible to even come up with the actual real number of the US GDP—it is not 20 Trillion USD, not even close and declared fictional number is not taken seriously by any competent analyst. American resources, while still significant, are absolutely inadequate for stated goals of American global hegemony. Once the peer appears who the United States cannot defeat militarily and especially so conventionally—the game is over. The more the US stays the present course the more it becomes inevitable that the only things which will be discussed at some point in the future will be not new power arrangements but the terms of surrender. But I wrote about it for years now. So will the US try the unthinkable and destroy herself, and the world, in the process? I wouldn't discount such a possibility.  

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