Thursday, April 19, 2018

Patrick Stewart To The Rescue.

Or to avoid commenting on this utter delirium, how about that: 

How else can one react to this sheer insanity and volume of Bullshit measured in cubic parsecs? Is there any way to "comment" on a vast and deep ocean of utter quantum imbecility, lies and incompetence? Yes, only by means of Patrick Stewart's memes. Cosmic scale of West's complete intellectual and moral degeneration is such, that it takes Star-ship Enterprise to go "where no man has gone before" (or gender-neutral, where no human) to uncover the galactic scale of cretinism, a Quasar level power of B-rated contrivance where no logic, competence and morality matter anymore. So, here it is, Captain Picard, take it from here.

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