Monday, April 9, 2018

On A Lighter Note: Evil Plans Have Been Exposed.

There is NO Fleetwod Mac without Lindsey Buckingham, period. Yet, guess what--they fired him. WTF. It is akin to firing David Gilmore from Pink Floyd or Brian May from Queen. What kind of evil plot is that. Ah, I see--they used Skripal affair and non-existent attack in Douma to distract all from this evil act. Now all pieces of puzzle fall in place. 

But on a more serious note--things definitely disintegrate in many facets of cultural life too. But there is hope yet for surviving American common sense. No matter lies and propaganda, people in the US have to be informed and educated on what is going on. As I always say--reality, same as gravity, is a bitch. It gets one no matter what, even if the outcome is fatal. 

P.S. On the other hand, Fleetwod Mac were always staunch supporters of Clinton's cabal--precisely the kind of people who started America on the path to where it is today--so Fleetwood Mac can go to hell. 

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