Tuesday, April 17, 2018

They Begin To Suspets Something, I Guess.

Now, those spineless corrupt and utterly incompetent hacks who mostly populate US Congress want to pass new War Authorization Bill? Gee-whiz, where have you been all this time? No wonder your approval rating is only slightly better than that of Al Qaeda or ISIS. I think the best way to handle war in the United States is to pass Constitutional Amendment for all male children above 18 years old of US legislators to be automatically drafted into the US Army to be deployed to front lines (after appropriate training), no exceptions other than for a real health issues, once any war is declared by the United States. Female children of 18+ to be given basic training as nurses and be confined to military barracks in the operation zones. 

I would love, of course, to see some Congressional scumbags to experience all joys of boot-camp in Marines, Army or US Navy and then getting deployed to Iraq or some FOB in Afghanistan but I, of course, am too naive.  Those guys are "serving", as they like to portray themselves. Whom they are serving is, of course, a whole other story altogether, but it seems that they got a bit too nervous to give all rights to current POTUS to unleash war on his own volition. Sure, even moron can understand that getting even moderate yield MIRV or, even purely conventional Avangard glider, into one's own window is not such a cool proposition to this collection of "service-persons". I don't know if this bill even has any chance to hit the floor but somehow, I feel, it is a good idea to keep war decision-making out of hands of Administration which is as grounded in reality as I am a Chinese cosmonaut (or taikonaut), whatever. Even before insane and illegal strikes on Syria, one could feel the ramble of a juggernaut of unhinged war-mongers in The White House. If to believe WSJ we missed all the joy of escalation to WW III by less than an inch and Mattis' effort. In the end, Trump, by appointing John Bolton his National Security Adviser lost any remainder of any credibility he had. At least with me. So, let them. In fact, inability of US Congress to act on anything nationally important could be a blessing in disguise--after all, it may take them forever to decide on starting an illegal war, the only type the United States knows since 1999.      

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