Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Russian General Staff Exhibition.

Of "smart" missiles which took part in illegal strike on Syria on April 13. It is obvious that this is not the whole harvest, with declared one Tomahawk and one JASSM accurately "landed" and being now in possession of Russian military, but, in general--this is rather telling proof of an excellent performance by the Syria's AD armed mostly with old Soviet tech. As Ria reports:

In this place were Russian MoD photos. Somehow they are gone. I didn't take them down. I wonder what made them disappear. It is truly bizarre. Well, let's try this then:

By far more important news, however, was this today's statement from General Staff:
General Staff in Russia doesn't set policies--Kremlin does, so Rudskoy's statement is the statement of policy sanctioned on the highest political level. As I always repeat some of the more profound truisms--all actions have consequences. It was clear that April 13 attack will not be left without response. It seems response is "pouring in" now in full force. What would Israel do? I suggest her to call Kremlin. As per exhibition of those "all" missiles which struck Syria's chemical facilities and "none" of which was shot down--I guess this small exhibition speaks volumes. But then again, there will be many "experts" who would state that these are merely remnants of missiles which struck targets. Of course they are, of course they are. In related news--I am Mickey Mouse. 

As Colonel Lang stated today: 

"Russian experts will continue to train Syrian military servicemen, particularly teaching them to use the new missile defense systems that are planned to be delivered to Syria in the near future," he said.

No amount of PR can hide the fact that both sides of the conflict know the score and it is not in favor of NATO and Israel. I will omit for now elaboration on possible "improvement" of TLAMs which is coming--to understand why it will not matter that much... well, my book should be out fairly soon. 

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