Saturday, April 14, 2018

Let The Western Media "Win".

This morning, more-or-less verified data started to pour in. And it is not pretty, to put it mildly, for NATO "technology" and Western media went into overdrive delivering what they deliver best--incompetent BS and propaganda. But the main takeaway from this insanity by US and her two pathetic lap-dog, UK and France, is this:

1. It is obvious, that the strike was "choreographed" between US and Russia to allow both face saving and diffusing way out for POTUS who is an aggressive incompetent bully, who will try to put the world on the brink yet again, especially considering the fact that he is not "briefable" and runs completely on his mood and amateur impulses. One of the, obvious now, condition for strike was to both avoid hitting any Russian asset and, as most likely was settled, to keep Russian AD assets in Syria from direct engaging of NATO targets. 

2. Thus only Syrian AD was engaged in repulsing of the illegal NATO strike. Syrian AD proper, unlike newest Russian assets there, has mostly equipment, bar 40 S1s and some Buk-M2s, from 1980s. Of course, even those assets are now integrated into the Russian AD system and do receive acquisition and targeting information from Russian complexes' plethora of modern radar and optronic systems. 

3. Out of 103 TLAMs launched by NATO, it is confirmed now--71 have been shot down by Syrian AD. It is an outstanding result for older, granted--upgraded, AD systems. It is also an embarrassment for NATO. Judging by the overall pictures from Damascus and Homs even early morning--life seemed absolutely normal and very few hits and mild destruction were reported. As Deputy Chief of General Staff Alexander Rudskoy stated: there are no killed among SAA's servicemen (in Russian). He also expanded on the "sources" of launches which included B-1B bombers and launches were conducted both from Med and Red Sea. 

4. Evidently Buk-M2 performed extremely well and that is the system which was delivered to Syria some time ago and nobody knows how many of those are there. They are there, though--it is a confirmed fact. 

5. The United States, let alone her poodles from NATO, never experienced, since Vietnam, competent and effective AD system. Performance of Syrian AD today can easily be graded as A-  and it is totally deserved. 

In coming days and weeks US propaganda machine will continue to parrot pathetic grandiose statements by POTUS and Pentagon, but first conclusion is clear--they know their technology is good only against weak, badly trained, third world militaries. One thing Syrian AD has now, which all those "integrated" and "modern" systems from 1950s and 1960s in Iraq or in Yugoslavia didn't have is serious EW (ECM and ECCM) capability which Russia obviously provides for Syria today. Once this factors in--it becomes clear that once AD, such as Syrian one, gets its personnel properly trained and AD properly integrated with modern detection-acquisition-targeting complex it becomes deadly and reduces strike options only to stand-off weapons. Entrance of any manned aircraft into the range spells doom for aircraft and, possibly, for pilot. 

US can not and doesn't know how to lose--it will double down to overcome embarrassment and knowing clearly who Donald Trump is today, we will see escalation. But let's still give credit where credit is due--to Mad Dog Mattis and to Joseph Dunford who did all they could to keep insane dwellers of the mad house, aka The White House, from unleashing the WW III. At least not yet. For now let the sewer known as US media percolate triumphalist BS. 

P.S. Yes, it seems S-300 latest versions will be now delivered to all Russia's allies

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