Monday, April 16, 2018

Publius Tacitus Brings Good Points.

For those who don't know, Publius Tacitus is a high ranking US military intelligence person whose identity is known to Colonel Patrick Lang. So, when Publius talks people better listen, since it is a high level real professional speaking. I give here the link to the original by Publius at SST but I would make some comments here too.

I am not going to lie, I do not freaking enjoy writing on military and geopolitical issues—I would rather be writing about progressive rock, jazz and discuss architecture, nature and maybe write an article, here and there, on some strategic issues and history. I was denied this pleasure in 2014. I am, however, very encouraged by the fact that there are many American military professionals who are, well, professionals and as such remain true to their skills and knowledge. Doing so, they preserve their professional and human integrity which is not only admirable in itself but becomes increasingly important in the midst of media ignorant bacchanalia. Here is what Publius states in few quotes: 
Do not believe a word you have heard from the Pentagon and the White House about the "success" of the cruise missile strikes on Friday last. A fraud is being perpetrated on the American people and the world at large.
The second issue concerns the imagined success of the U.S. TLAM strike. Before General Mattis (retired) approached the podium Friday night, he knew full well that a significant number of the inbound missiles had been shot down inside Syria. That is why Mattis closed his press conference with the following comment: Based on recent experience, we fully expect a significant disinformation campaign over the coming days by those who have aligned themselves with the Assad regime. Give the old boy his due. He was inoculating the ridiculous operation against legitimate criticism by simply being able to point out that any information contrary to what the Pentagon said was "propaganda." Of course, the enlisted and officers that staff the CAOC know differently. The Russians and Syrians were not lying when they claimed to have downed more than 70 of the U.S., UK and French missiles. I understand the reluctance of the U.S. military leaders to admit the truth about this debacle. It would undermine the confidence of the American people is our supposedly invincible weapon systems and would embarrass and enrage the man child that inhabits the White House. Better to tell him lies and let him believe the fantasy.  

As I stated not for once, I wrote the book on what Publius very ably articulates in his piece.

A friend of mine who has expertise in these matters wrote me: Any air defense engineer with a security clearance that isn't lying through his teeth will admit that Russia's air defense technology surpassed us in the 1950's and we've never been able to catch up. The systems thy have in place surrounding Moscow make our Patriot 3's look like fucking nerf guns.Finally there is the matter of the Russians as a second rate military masquerading as a world power. Another friend who has spoken with military commanders in the CENTCOM AOR told me: All of the knowledgeable aircraft commanders are usually scared shitless about the prospect of a legitimate air-to-air skirmish with a SU-30 or any Russian air superiority fighter.But that is not what blowhards, like retired General Jack Keane, believe:

Publius nails it here:
General Keane is confusing restraint with weakness and incompetence. That is a dangerous and potentially deadly error to make.
But it is not only General Keane—there are armies of internet "warriors" and military faux "experts", most of whom would shit their pants by standing next to 30-mm AAA in action, who want, nay, demand the continuation of the show, now—with thousands military and civilian personnel killed, aircraft shot down, ships sunk. I am disgusted with this kind of armchair "strategists"—ignorant hacks who know not what they are asking for. They are present on both sides. There is one slight problem—real war is nothing like the computer games and the faster this will be understood by most the better it will be for everyone, literally, everyone. 

UPDATE: A little bit of "meat" from Russia's MOD and it is becoming more clear now that Syria's AD worked highly professionally and effectively.

As many as 112 surface-to-air missiles, including 25 Pansir missiles, were used by Syria’s air defense forces to repel the strike delivered by the United States, France and the United Kingdom, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman said. "A total of 112 surface-to-air guided missiles were used to repel the strike," he said, adding that 23 out of 25 missiles fired from the Pansir-S1 system had hit their targets.

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