Tuesday, January 16, 2024

This Is Normal...

 ... for thugs, considering the fact that neocons in D.C. being genocidal maniacs probably would love to hear more on this issue and even go further. 

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has threatened Russian President Vladimir Putin’s entire family with “criminal trials” and long prison sentences, during a speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos on Tuesday. Zelensky’s address to the gathering of aspiring global leaders focused on asking for more weapons, money, and ammunition so he could continue to fight Russia. At one point, however, he made a reference to the Russian leader’s family. Putin will not “rest in peace, both in this world and in the next,” said Zelensky. "Neither his children, nor his grandchildren.” The Russian leader is “the sole reason why various wars and conflicts persist” and he must be held accountable so his “aggression” doesn’t embolden other “autocracies,” Zelensky insisted. “Yes, we are not terrorists, and therefore these will be criminal trials,” after which Putin and his entire family would spend “a long, multi-year vacation” behind bars, he added.

Of course, it is very pleasant for Ze and his curators such as Vikki Nuland to wet dream about this, but they still cannot wrap their brains around the fact that the balance of power in the world not just shifted, but shifted dramatically on a historic scale and the West is in a death spiral. One cannot rewrite history. 

Here is an example of a brainwashed by Western "education" Russian liberal from Valdai who still believes in a BS of rewriting history. This is one of the reasons I do not communicate with RT anymore--they continue to promote obvious demagogues who cannot formulate basic fundamental things. 

Timofey Bordachev: The US and Russia have vastly different ideas about who defeated Hitler’s Nazis, and here’s why it’s a problem. When a top American politician thinks the US liberated Ukraine in WWII, it’s clear we are no longer on the same page.  

It doesn't matter who have what ideas, the truth is KNOWABLE and always is. For some it is God, for others it is beauty, for others it is a historic process supported by facts, numbers and fundamental laws. So, even the opinion of a whole cabal of neocons in D.C. or morons from King's College in London who pretend that they know war means nothing in the larger scheme of things--reality manifests itself always and it is a four wheel drive bitch. E.g. "degree" in political "science" or in "politics" should be considered a disqualifying factor in any public discussion on matters of serious applied geopolitics. I cannot "research" advances in DNA-based treatment of cancer because I have no fucking clue what it is and have no education in that. I may try to study it and I probably end up on the level of a second trimester of a medical school freshman, but that's about it. 

How somebody who has zero background in anything, literally, other than a compilation of a facts smugly known in the West as "the range of interpretations" can offer opinions on WW II, or somebody being "military historian" without having at least introductory course in Operational Research and Operational Planning and engineering defies my understanding. Especially, against the background of SMO, which produced a deadly shock for anyone in the West with IQ higher than the room temperature. We are talking about things of a scale of discarding most, not all, humanities studies in the West as degree mills for pseudo-scientific fraud. Today, Vladimir Putin stated what many knew already. 

“It’s probably possible to falsify anything. Just like the previous elections in the US were falsified through voting by mail. Well, it’s clear what voting by mail is. They bought ballots for $10, wrote them in, and without any supervision from observers, tossed them into mailboxes. And there you go,” Putin said.

How did this course in "politics" go, Mr. Bordachev, in Bruges? I am sure they "taught" a lot about "democracy"/s. In related news, educated people read Plato or Machiavelli on their own and can easily pass exams on demagoguery, ah... pardon me, politics. My bad.  

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