Friday, January 19, 2024


That it was reminded. In Russian segment (like Vera, Vladimir, me et al) we talk about it all the time. The so called Surovikin Line is actually Stavitsky Line. 

Kiev has lost over 500 pieces of military and special equipment while trying to break through Russian fortifications during the course of its largely unsuccessful counteroffensive launched last summer, according to the chief of Russia’s Engineering Troops, Lt. Gen. Yury Stavitsky. Russian defensive fortifications have proven to be highly effective against Ukraine’s hardware, including Western-supplied equipment, he claimed in an interview with the Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper published on Friday. Among those losses were over 180 pieces of Western-supplied materiel, including German-designed Leopard tanks and US-made Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, Stavitsky said. Russia’s Defense Ministry estimated earlier this month that Kiev had received more than $203 billion in foreign assistance since the outbreak of the conflict and had been supplied with over 1,600 pieces of missile and artillery equipment, over 200 air defense systems, 5,220 tanks and armored vehicles, and more than 23,000 drones.

It is about time the credit be given where there credit is due in English language segment.

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