Friday, January 26, 2024

Watch To The End.

It is very instructive and heartwarming. 

As one Russian commenter stated:"You brought to Russia your most important treasure--your nine children." Well, community is doing now everything to get this wonderful Canadian family everything they need as fast as possible. You can understand why they are so emotional, especially after what they went through in their native Canada. You jump into the unknown and suddenly recognize that you are safe. I know, I can relate to this, because these were our new American friends who stood by us in 1990s and helped us immensely, we will never forget their kindness. It is Russia now, who dramatically limits Middle Asia immigration to Russia, while for people with the real Christian root the doors are opening wider. The Ark... and the last bastion of Western Civilization. Remember? Moscow is the Third Rome. Increasingly looks like the old prophesy from 16th century: Two Romes fell, a third stands, and there will not be a fourth one. 

I have to admit--I scratch my head when observing the events of the last decade. It is down right creepy how the whole thing unfolds and how it matches some of the prophesies. Consider this call of Patriarch for Russia to lead the fight with antichrist (in Russian). This is serious, in fact it is as serious as it gets. This is not some sermon in church, this has been stated three days ago from the tribune of Russia's Federation Council (the upper chamber of the Federal Assembly). The consequences of this will manifest themselves over the long time period.

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