Monday, January 22, 2024

I Talk Headlines...

 ... but also take a look at RUSI and its "experts". 

There is a huge reason why, as an example in my naval academy (which was true for most of them, including Kuznetsov "War College") as is true largely today such things as tactics, operational research and weapons and their use are taught by senior cadre officers with Ph.D degrees in military science. In my academy the Department of Tactics and (Military) History was called between us as the Department of Failed Admirals, because all of those professors have been more than just Ph.Ds, they all came from positions of either Chiefs of Staff or Commanders of formations in the Navy. Same was true for what we called the Department of Black Colonels--Department of Marine Tactics and Fire Training. Those colonels wore as any Marine in USSR/Russia black naval uniforms with red stripes on epaulets and without sleeve chevrons. 

In other words--these were consummate military professionals with immense experience in actual command and operational planning, with serious STEM degrees. Someone with the background of "Professor Bronk" from RUSI would be considered utterly unqualified for any serious teaching position or research. Rightly so! The level of incompetence, sheer stupidity and pettiness exhibited by NATO military and think-tankdom are absolutely stupefying. That is why I take you down the memory lane to show why, always grotesquely embellished, reputations of most of those "brain centers" in Washington and London are utterly destroyed. Well, the fact that the dude (Captain Tanakh) who wouldn't know the difference between operation of heterogeneous naval forces and operation on hemorrhoids, wants to genocide Russians. Ah, yes, those proverbial Russia "experts" in the US.

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