Monday, January 8, 2024

From Plato To NATO(c).

This is the manifestation of the best of old British intellect as coined by Alastair Crooke. Everything that we all warned about is now visible to anyone who cares to see. 

It is over for the West and we all, and you all know who we are, warned about it for years. The reckoning is upon us and no narrative can change it. I just want to remind you what I wrote five years ago:

Warfare is a geopolitical tool of the first order. In fact, geopolitics as a field of interaction of nations cannot exist without it. Warfare, in the end, formed and continues to be anchored in the human condition, and as a result, in our political, social, economic and cultural institutions. No understanding of warfare is possible without understanding its most important tools, weapons and people, tactics and operational art. It is precisely the field in which American political class has zero competencies—they simply do not teach nor grant degrees in what amounts to military science in the United States.

It took Russia, again, to start dismantling what today has become the house of demons and horror in the West and by the West, and she is doing it again in a Russian way--by defeating it on the battlefield. 

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