Friday, January 5, 2024

Yes, Finally!

Russia begins to use North Korean ballistic missiles. 

Russia has used ballistic missiles and launchers supplied by North Korea in its war on Ukraine, the US has said. National Security Council spokesman John Kirby called it a "significant and concerning escalation" relating to Pyongyang's support for Russia.He said the US would raise the matter at the UN Security Council and impose additional sanctions on those working to facilitate arms transfers. Moscow has denied any such collaboration.Hours after the White House made the accusations, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un called for missile launch vehicle production to be expanded in the country.

The next thing you know Russia will start using Qassam rockets. HAMAS promised to supply those, because, obviously, Russia "runs out of missiles" all the time. 

Listening to this drivel from Kirby the "admiral" is hilarious. But then again, you all know how US media-intel complex works:
Sometimes I think--it is inescapable--that they do this on purpose to parade the US in a front of the whole world as a land of nincompoops, and they do it for some unknown heinous reason beyond our comprehension. But then again, when you don't have class and culture--as most inside the beltway don't--it is difficult to understand that the more such a BS is spewed the more it exhibits one's insecurities and stupidity. So, the classic no-no of not disclosing one's cards in the card game happens. 

Here is Larry with his excellent piece from yesterday:

Panic among Western analysts about Ukraine’s looming defeat has escalated. Robert Clark, writing in the U.K. Telegraph, wailed his lamentation in an op-ed titled, Ukraine’s new year may end with a brutal Western betrayal. Clark blames Western leaders for Ukraine’s debacle.

In general, the remainder of Western institutions of governance, military and media is utterly destroyed. Now they just continue to dance on the rubble, while the world looks on in amazement at sheer pettiness and stupidity of the combined West. 

Meanwhile, Israel continues its genocide in Gaza against the background of very little military gains, if any, while sustaining large casualties. But no worries, Israel didn't introduce the best IDF formations yet, you know--US Army. 

The White House is worried that the conflict in Gaza could expand to other parts of the Middle East and is drawing up plans for a possible US response if that happens, Politico has reported, citing informed officials. Internal discussions are underway in the administration of US President Joe Biden about scenarios that could see Washington drawn into a major war in the region, the outlet said in an article on Thursday. The potential for a wider conflict in the Middle East is growing, said sources including a senior Biden administration official. The events of the past few days “have convinced some in the administration that the war in Gaza has officially escalated far beyond the strip’s borders,” Politico wrote.

Hey, that's their territory--to fight subpar opponents. There is no bigger honor in the US Army than to die for Israel, especially after being hit by Russian North Korean ballistic missile. That's Gogol or Kafka's level absurdity in what's left of the Republic.

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