Saturday, January 27, 2024

About Elites.

Three years (almost) ago I wrote about HOW real elites are brought up. It was a discussion of Russia's new national security strategy. Recall:

After that  I added:

As the strategic truism goes--want the enemy to surrender its country, bring up its youth. Here is Brittany, speaks about this issue. 

Well, Vladimir Putin understands the issue really well:

For those who still cannot get it--this is not the military class of the times of Plato or even of WW I. This is military class of Russia which is highly educated and with enormous combat and life experiences. Now try to push sick Western "cultural" agenda through this class--good luck with that. As elaborated further:

“Hence, they should be supported [and] assisted,” President Putin concluded. He also contrasted veterans with “people who, pardon me, expose their genitals or show their bottom” – an apparent reference to a private party featuring an ‘almost naked’ dress code organized by prominent Russian blogger Anastasia Ivleeva in Moscow last month. Photos and videos from the event, which was attended by Russian celebrities, mostly pop artists, ended up on the internet, scandalizing conservative activists and authorities alike. One attendee in particular, 25-year-old rapper Nikolai Vasilyev, aka Vacio, drew special attention as he sported nothing but a Balenciaga sock on his penis in the way of clothing. Some have since suggested that he was emulating Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis’ look from the 1990s.

So, Russia is going back to her historic root of having a military class as her elite of elites and it is the only way to preserve Russian culture.

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