Wednesday, January 3, 2024

What Is A Death Cult.

Generally speaking these frauds who sell this shit to retarted are doing well, but this is a crowd of these cretins who would justify any atrocity and who only want their "salvation", because they are.. well--cretins. They are the foundation of American neoconservatism and insane foreign policy. Them and graduates of political "science" and "international relations" departments from US universities. Look different, but fanaticism and belief in BS is the same. 

Again, generally speaking, American evangelicals killed Christianity and are nothing more than totalitarian sect. But then again, as long as these idiots would be "saved" in rupture--nothing is too bad, even if it is a wholesale war crime, unless, of course, it is done to them. 
BTW, the fact that these idiots believe the guy with the mug of a deviant, what can I say... Can you imagine how easy it is to manipulate them? I wonder how many wives of these cucks he screwed...  

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