Wednesday, January 31, 2024


I would love to see this awarded just to piss off Western so called liberals. In the same time it is clear that Nobel Prize has become a joke. 

The whole thing is an absolute circus now. Yeah, Trump-the-peacemaker, LOL. The most Zionist and anti-Russian POTUS prior to Biden. While at it why don't they also cancel ridiculous Nobel Prize in literature, because they award it to nothing worthy of real literature. While at it, also, it is time to do away with utterly corrupt International Olympic Committee (IOC) and already damages beyond salvation the so called Olympic Movement. Every single Western political and cultural institution has been either utterly corrupted or destroyed. I think Trump should receive this prize to finish off this Nobel Prize BS. Just leave Physics, Chemistry and Medicine prizes--they still matter somewhat. Peace Prize my ass, VSU and 404 have been prepared for war at Trump's watch, if somebody chose to forget this little fact.

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