Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Well, That's CIA For Ya...

 ... US media increasingly begin to look like a North Korean TV and, in fact, this comparison is not a stretch. As any US legacy media, Foreign Affairs should not be taken seriously other than the propaganda and ideology rag, similar to the CPSU main ideological magazine Communist. Here is proof--Mr.Burns, current CIA's boss shares his analytical wisdowm about Russia. 

These are some of the pearls by this guy who is running CIA and that explains why the US cannot beat Taliban or doesn't have any clear picture of the events around the world. Burns has been the US Ambassador to Russia and while there he learned absolutely nothing, which is the feature, not a bug, of what passes in the US for diplomacy, and now he toes the party line spreading incompetent and, frankly, sore loser's BS. 

The key to success lies in preserving Western aid for Ukraine. At less than five percent of the U.S. defense budget, it is a relatively modest investment with significant geopolitical returns for the United States and notable returns for American industry. Keeping the arms flowing will put Ukraine in a stronger position if an opportunity for serious negotiations emerges. It offers a chance to ensure a long-term win for Ukraine and a strategic loss for Russia; Ukraine could safeguard its sovereignty and rebuild, while Russia would be left to deal with the enduring costs of Putin’s folly. For the United States to walk away from the conflict at this crucial moment and cut off support to Ukraine would be an own goal of historic proportions. 

Somebody needs to give this guy basic intro into Strategy, REAL US military history, not its Hollywood version, and also explain what real industrial economy is and how it relates to modern warfare. The whole piece is a pathetic exercise in delusion and palliative therapy for the extreme case of  butt-hurt. So, here is your CIA boss self-medicating by fantasizing. With spies like these, who needs enemies. 

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