Monday, January 8, 2024

The Sky Is Falling!

Ben Hodges stopped smoking whatever the shit he smoked before and he looked reality in the face. Finally.

Brüssel. „Das Albtraumszenario der Ukraine wird gerade Realität“, sagt Ben Hodges, ehemaliger Oberbefehlshaber der US-Armee in Europa. „Die Ukraine hat fast keine Munition mehr, und Europa und die USA sind nicht gewillt, ihre Munitionsproduktion auf ein neues Level zu heben“, so der US-General a. D. im Gespräch mit dem RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland (RND). Während Russland seine Angriffe aus der Luft und zu Lande massiv ausweitet, geht den ukrainischen Soldaten an der Front gerade die Munition aus. Raketen für die Luftabwehr sind knapp und Artilleriegeschosse werden rationiert, sodass die ukrainischen Truppen geplante Angriffe absagen und Verteidigungsstellungen kaum noch halten können. Nach Angaben des ukrainischen Militärs mussten einige Einheiten ihre Feuerrate im Vergleich zum Sommer bereits um 90 Prozent reduzieren. Es fehlt an allem – und an vielen Stellen der Front wissen die Kommandeure nicht, wie lange sie ihre Stellungen noch halten können.

Translation: Brussels. “Ukraine’s nightmare scenario is becoming a reality,” said Ben Hodges, former commander of the US Army in Europe. “Ukraine has almost run out of ammunition, and Europe and the USA are not willing to take their ammunition production to a new level,” said the retired US general. D. in conversation with the Editorial Network Germany (RND). While Russia is massively expanding its attacks from the air and on land, the Ukrainian soldiers on the front are running out of ammunition. Anti-aircraft missiles are in short supply and artillery shells are being rationed, leaving Ukrainian troops unable to cancel planned attacks and hold defensive positions. According to the Ukrainian military, some units have already had to reduce their rate of fire by 90 percent compared to the summer. Everything is missing - and in many places on the front the commanders don't know how long they can hold their positions.

The problem, of course, for such people as Ben Hodges, Petraeus, Keane and likes, is that you cannot spew propaganda BS for 22 months, referencing the tired Gulf Wars and predicting the collapse of Russia, and then on the 23rd month say--nah, we just BSed you, we knew the deal all along. Nope, doesn't work like this--firstly, they never knew the deal and secondly, they have no professional reputation left. Well, maybe for CNN military "expert" positions, but as I get tired quoting my friend Colonel Vladimir Trukhan: "They cannot out-think us." Well, facts on the ground as well as strategic reality speak volumes. And even Ben Hodges have to look the truth in the eye. 

Meanwhile, an interesting rumor I heard--VSU continue to send scores of 404 cannon fodder to Krynki, on the left bank of Dnepr, is because they simply cannot stop doing this, because the picture there is from horror movies and they cannot allow Russians to start collecting bodies--literally, every square meter is covered in bodies and body parts. As is true pretty much along the whole frontline which slowly moves to the West. But now this:

Make no mistake, sewers get overwhelmed sometimes everywhere, but in Kiev--here is the largest spill of shit, well, in Europe. More are happening and check out what happened with Kiev metro--yes, it is sinking or, rather, flooding. There is an upside though for this lake of shit--Russians WILL 100% avoid this street when entering Kiev, so, tactically, it makes total sense to organize a battalion Command Post of VSU there. The new slogan in Russia today: Shoigu, Gerasimov, please, bomb Kiev with yeast. Yak, disgusting--I love it;) Talk about shit hitting streets, big time.

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