Monday, January 29, 2024

Vladimir Putin is...

 ... on the suicide watch, from worries, while most of Russia's Security Council members bite their nails sitting on the edges of their seats observing a riveting discussion between Finland's two Presidential candidates who decide...

If Russian President Vladimir Putin wanted to congratulate Finland's future president, the phone would be buzzing for a long time. "I wouldn't answer. Putin would use it as some kind of propaganda. At the moment, we have no relations with Russia, Alexander Stubb replies. Unlike Stubb, Pekka Haavisto would pick up the handset. "Every time a head of state calls, they answer. I wouldn't give the phone to the cleaner at the presidential palace. I would reply and accept congratulations. I would not be having a debate on political substance without coordination. This is the opinion of Alexander Stubb (Conservative Party) and Pekka Haavisto (constituency association, Green Party), who were runners-up in the presidential elections. The candidates met for the first time in the second round in Studio A on Monday night. In the live broadcast, Stubb and Haavisto also answered questions sent by the audience. The question related to Putin's call was one of nearly a thousand audience questions received by Studio A.

What can I say, I am very happy for Finns for getting their priorities straight, but I have been to Finland--it doesn't look good in short to mid-term perspective. Per the long-term? Doesn't look good either, judging by the questions from audience. In related news, this issue, I am sure, will be brought up to Putin's attention who will discover soon that he should call Finland's President-elect, not that he wants to or has any intentions to do so. But those hot Finnish guys--they are so persuasive.

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