Tuesday, January 30, 2024

When You Have 8,000+ Kilometers...

 ... range missiles you don't need no stinking stealth or to look cool, albeit TU-95 does look cool. 

If the air frame holds--no, this thing is not going to retire any time soon. Stick new avionics into it (done), new targeting system (done) and 8 X-BD missiles and you can fly for another 50 years. TU-160Ms are already flying with X-BD (in Russian). I am not some kind of warmonger, but this simple picture tells one everything one needs to know about old Bears launching X-BDs from the safety of Russian airspace.

You just need to be a good platform in this case. I completed today the chapter on air operations and the way USAF feels itself--it doesn't feel itself well, to put it mildly, after it saw Russian VKS operations.

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