Tuesday, January 16, 2024

About Radakovsky...

 ... and a strange whiff of Pan-Slavism. Radakovsky, being from Slovakia which always had this streak certainly made the spirits of Russian Pan-Slavists very happy yesterday. 

An EU lawmaker who founded the Slovak PATRIOT party has warned his European Parliament colleagues that continuing to send weapons to Ukraine will only get more Slavic people killed in Kiev’s conflict with Russia and trigger a violent revolt against Western Europe. “We need to stop supporting the killing of Slavs,” Miroslav Radakovsky said on Tuesday as MEPs debated a stalled plan to provide €50 billion ($54.6 billion) in additional EU aid to Ukraine. “Because if we don’t, we Slavs might unite as brothers -- and I believe that we will -- and raze Western Europe to the ground, to the La Manche, a lawn. And I believe no one here wants that to happen.” Radakovsky is among the most vocal EU critics of funding the Ukraine conflict and cast one of the dissenting ballots when the European Parliament voted overwhelmingly in November 2022 to brand Russia as a “state sponsor of terrorism.” He argued on Tuesday that the Ukraine crisis is “a problem of the US and its global interests.” “The EU has become a vassal of the US,” Radakovsky said. “We need to start peace talks, but without the US. We need to stop the killing.”

This is the first statement coming from Europe with clearly defined racial and cultural boundaries. Radakovsky's impassionate statement is slightly more than political speech for public, albeit not without that too--it is a reflection of the mood of many people of Slavic race in Eastern Europe. I am on record--Slavs are viewed in the West, primarily among ruling class, as racially inferior. Recall, nine years ago I stressed:

Looking with sadness (I love Western culture, the real one, I am a part of it myself) at modern Western cloaca of multiculturalism and moral decadence one cannot fail to notice that values, which, once great, civilization represented, remained intact in Russia and those values are the ones which made the West and great culture it produced. It is also clear that those values are what today will be defined as truly conservative values--not to mistake for American faux-conservatism of neocon and evangelicals' variety. The whole idea, that those Russian untermensch "got it right" and ARE the last vestiges of Western Civilization drives western "elites" mad. That is why the stream of lies, omissions, perversions of history, other attacks on Russia and her people will only increase in western so called media. War, including the real one, is always a cultural act and it starts with dehumanization of the enemy. For West, Russia is the enemy, because it increasingly becomes a viable global alternative. The foundation of this alternative is the concept of a  Nation and that is why Europe's, as well as USA's, problem is with Russia, not Vladimir Putin.     

Again, nine years ago. Who can forget James Clapper in 2017.

It is all about "precious bodily fluids", it always was. Same as crickets after Clapper statement in the most "democratic" and "free" media in the world. And now, that even this moron has begin to accept reality:

You see, they truly believed in their own BS, because how can those low-lives dirty Slavs, backward and with no prospects of advancement have a General Staff which makes JCS look like a collection of amateurs, have the military-industrial complex which makes combined Western economies look decidedly backward. And don't let me start on high culture and Russian cities. Slavs in Eastern Europe can see those things and demolition of the best what NATO could throw at Russia inevitably created the sense of dismay among many Slavs. Now comes a complete destruction by EU economy and suddenly very strange sentiments begin to float in capitols from Bratislava to Ljubljana, to even Warsaw. Radakovasky merely expressed what many, by far not all, but very many Slavs feel. This sentiment will only grow, the more Russia begins to smash the remnants of forces criminals in the West unleashed. 

What does this remind us? Ah, yes, a removal in Prague of the monument to Marshal Konev. The question is not about removal of Konev's statue by satanic Czech political top which erects monuments to prostitutes and then states that there is "deeper meaning" in it. Sure.

But the point here is different--recall when both Slovak National Uprising started and when Czechs rose up. Quite a difference! After all, Czech industry worked for Nazi war machine until the very end. But in both cases it was a demolition of Axis forces on the Eastern Front which precipitated those uprisings when Stalingrad marked a dramatic change in the WW II in 1943. That is why the US is so busy rewriting the history of WW II, new EU and NATO members were supposed to go through "attitude adjustment" in order to join "triumphant" West. Well, we are in the remote analogy of 1944-1945 in WW II and Radakovsky just gave us a little taste of moods which do exist on the Slavic street. I wonder how Hungarians and Romanians really feel? They may not be Slavs but they sure as hell are the part of the Eastern Europe and that, by definition, is where all those untermensch live in accordance to Washington and London Powers That Be. Just ask Serbs. Or Russians. Will we see an American uprising? Did Radakovsky want to leave his mark on history? Something tells me he did.

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