Sunday, January 21, 2024

A Magical Angle.

A very basic geography and ONE of the factors which dictate pragmatic or openly pro-Russian position in Slovakia and Hungary. If someone thinks that it is all just an accident--it is not. You can easily find videos of Russian bikers from Night Wolves riding in Slovakia for Victory Day celebration, with St. George ribbons and Red Army flag and you will see many enthusiastic and supportive Slovaks. But here is also a hint, this red angle which is made of borders of Slovakia and Hungary with 404. 

This angle is extremely important because once the deal with 404 will be completed it means what now is viewed by anyone with IQ above room temperature in conservative European circles as a blessing. Why? Because it will be common border between Russia-Hungary-Slovakia. The angle will become triangle. What does it mean strategically? Energy, lots of affordable and reliable energy supply and moving goods. That means a lot of wealth and the direct access, once those areas are pacified, to BRICS with its enormous economies. The key here is Odessa and Transdnistria. you can bet your ass on that Russians will immediately start building some kind of pipelines for energy transfer, from oil, to gas to electricity through whatever remains there in power-lines from the times of Warsaw Pact. 

Hungary automatically means Austria and access to Serbia. The more Russia grows economically, the more gravitational pool she will provide in this region. Russians already begin to live better than most Europeans. They also have way more freedoms and, in the end, the common sense. Look at this family from Canada who moved to Nizhny Novgorod. Both heart-breaking but also inspiring story. 

Read comments under video in Russian--a definition of open arms. Overwhelming support. Again, Russia is an Ark for Western Civilization--creeks will turn to rivers.

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