Tuesday, January 23, 2024

The Moment I Stated...

 ... that with Tucker as VP and Douglas Macgregor as National Security Adviser for Trump as POTUS US may have a chance...

Mr. Lavrov should step in and ruin the whole thing for me, LOL))

Ties between Moscow and Washington are unlikely to improve, even if Donald Trump wins the upcoming 2024 US presidential elections, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told CBS in an interview that aired on Tuesday. The former US president had previously repeatedly boasted about his good relations with Vladimir Putin. America’s general approach towards Russia has not changed over the past decades, Lavrov said, adding that Washington itself had ruined its relations with Moscow by dismantling all the “confidence-building” mechanisms and eroding mutual trust. The minister pointed in particular to the decision by former US President George W. Bush to withdraw from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty (ABM Treaty) in 2002. The key arms control agreement signed by the US and the USSR in 1972 limited the number of ballistic missile defense systems each side could have and was designed to de-pressurize the arms race between the two Cold War rivals.

Sadly, yes. Trump being a hot air balloon as he is, got played like a doofus by neocons and, indeed, DID become the most anti-Russian POTUS. In fact, he boasted about it. Closing ALL Russian consulates in the US is one of his many "achievements". Read the whole piece from RT, it is short and to the point, as usually Lavrov is. There are now "rumors" in Western media (e.g. in Czechia) that NATO is getting ready to partition 404. Well, that may be true, but victors do not negotiate with loser--they dictate conditions. So, there will be no negotiations as the US wants now. Nope, only conditions imposed by Russia. Even Asia Times admits:

There is little doubt that Russia will be successful. While the Ukrainian army may be able to delay the Russians, it lacks any ability to stop them cold. If Ukraine tries to bring in extra forces to bolster its chances, it will open itself up to Russian threats elsewhere along the line of contact. Avdeevka, no matter its importance, is just an excuse for Zelensky. He needs loyal people around him as his situation becomes more precarious. His European and American allies, who still say they want to give him what he wants in arms and financial aid, understand that Ukraine can’t stand up to Russian military pressure. That is why Europe is now in a panic and Washington is searching for a new policy. Europe believes that if Russia wins in Ukraine, as now seems likely, then Europe will be threatened by Russia, for which it is not prepared. 

Russia doesn't care how Europe thinks, because it is a done deal. Especially when even the clown in chief of NATO admits today:

This is the question which is answered--why would Russia need Baltic statelets or anything from Germany? The fate of these nations is to die out, then--who knows. As Asia Times suggests, the remnants of 404 should simply move capitol to Lvov. Sure, let Poles deal with this issue. 

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